Quiz: Which Book Boyfriend Do You Belong To?

Quiz: Which Book Boyfriend Do You Belong To?

February 2, 2024
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The allure of the forbidden, the thrill of the dangerous, the whispers of dark secrets – wanna find out which magical prince holds the key to your heart? Answer these questions honestly and let your true self speak. Write down your answers to each and then tally up to find out who your book boyfriend is at the end.

  1. When darkness falls, you are drawn to:
  • (a) The solace of hidden libraries, lost in ancient knowledge
  • (b) The exhilaration of testing boundaries, pushing limits
  • (c) The raw power of untamed storms, embracing chaos
  • (d) The allure of forbidden secrets, unraveling hidden truths
  1. Your ideal partner possesses:
  • (a) High expectations, loves shadows and secrets
  • (b) A cunning intellect, challenging you with wit and wordplay
  • (c) A fierce loyalty, protecting you with unwavering devotion
  • (d) A hidden vulnerability, longing for redemption beneath the darkness
  1. Your heart races during:
  • (a) A whispered conversation under the moon, revealing hidden depths
  • (b) A daring escape from danger, adrenaline coursing through your veins
  • (c) A passionate confrontation, emotions laid bare in the heat of the moment
  • (d) A forbidden touch, igniting a spark that defies rules and expectations
  1. You secretly admire:
  • (a) The strength that hides beneath a mask of darkness
  • (b) The mischievous charm that hides a cunning mind
  • (c) The raw, primal instinct that fuels unwavering loyalty
  • (d) The capacity for growth and redemption, even in the darkest hearts
  1. Your dream ending is:
  • (a) A bond forged in shared secrets, defying expectations
  • (b) A mischievous love story filled with witty banter and thrilling adventures
  • (c) A fierce love that conquers all obstacles, bathed in the flames of passion
  • (d) A journey of transformation, where love brings light to the darkest corners

Tally your points!

Mostly A

Rhysand: You seek a powerful and mysterious partner, drawn to their hidden depths and quiet strength. You crave shared secrets and a bond forged in darkness, where understanding transcends the ordinary.

Mostly B

Cardan: Your heart beats for a mischievous charmer with a cunning mind. You enjoy witty banter, thrilling adventures, and a touch of playful cruelty. Love with Cardan is a game of wit and wills, where boundaries are meant to be tested.

Mostly C

Casteel: Fierce loyalty and passionate devotion are your desires. You yearn for a love that burns bright, conquering all obstacles in its path. With Casteel, love is a whirlwind of emotions, fueled by raw instinct and unwavering protectiveness.

Mostly D

Aaron Warner: You admire the potential for redemption, even in the most damaged souls. You crave a love story that defies expectations, where darkness transforms into light. With Aaron, love is a journey of self-discovery, pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions.

Which prince captivated you? Did you expect your match?

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