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Hi! I’m Deborah Boyland, a Fantasy Romance Author

Hi! I'm Deborah Boyland, A FantasyRomanceRomantasy Author

I write about magical kingdoms and morally grey love interests with naughty, wandering fingers.

Deborah Boyland Author
Fantasy Romance Books

The Faerie King: Ready to Publish

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Trapped in Faerieland, can Elysia escape her guardian angel turned kidnapper’s seductive clutches in time to save herself, her friends, and multiple worlds?

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The current book I’m writing, book 3, is called Rumpelstiltskin.

When Willow’s sick grandmother is kidnapped and held for an impossible ransom, she decides to plan a heist against her ex-boyfriend, Rumpelstiltskin. Caught red handed rummaging through his vaults, Willow is thrown at Rumpelstiltskin’s famously cruel feet.

But instead of death, Rumpelstiltskin offers her a deal. He’ll give Willow the money she needs in exchange for three magical items scattered across the Rift. Everyone always says never make a deal with the devil, but out of options and out of time, Willow has no choice but to journey deep into the darkest parts of the world between worlds with a blood soaked demon by her side.

When the person famous for making deals that will break you also happens to know every little thing about you, what hope do you have of making it out alive?

The Faerie King

Elysia has a secret, but so does her guardian angel.

Human girls don’t fall for ballads. They fall for dark princes with hidden motives and sometimes those dark princes have goat ears and restless fingers. Will Elysia be able to escape her guardian angel turned kidnapper in time to save multiple worlds?

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The Three Kingdoms

The fate of Faerieland, Callacombe, and Ellyllon all depend on Elysia escaping her kidnapper, Dae, but will she make it in time? And will her new friends, Shiva and Obi, make it out with her?

What’s The Faerie King About?

Raised in a house full of secrets and a village that hates her, easily-distracted, quick-tempered Elysia has no one to talk to but the faerie prince with goat horns and silvery eyes that stalks her through the forest, so Dae pretty quickly becomes the only thing she wants. She wants him when his horns grow into a dark halo, his cheeks sharpen out into knives, and his eyes harden with secrets. She even wants him when he throws her against a tree and tells her never, ever to kiss anyone else as long as she lives.

She wants him right up until the day he kidnaps her, stealing her away to a kingdom hidden in a portal in a Devonshire forest. That’s when everything changes and Elysia unwittingly becomes embroiled in a desperate grab for a crown that could cost her life, the lives of her new friends, and even the fates of all pixies, fae, and every human in England.

Can Elysia gather the courage to take on her first love in a bloody battle without letting the darkness within overpower her?

Calling beta readers, arc readers, and bookfluencers

Calling all beta readers, arc readers, and bookfluencers

Are you a beta reader, arc reader, bookstagrammer or booktoker? I’m definitely open to collaborations and would love to hear from you. Please drop me a message and let’s see if we can work together.

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