My First Blog: A Q&A With Myself

My First Blog: A Q&A With Myself

August 9, 2023
Q&A with Deborah Boyland

Okay, wow. Here goes. Marketing. For a book. That I wrote. As in, wrote and finished. End to end. And then spend literally forever editing. So long, in fact, that I’m not sure I exist anymore. The cosmos must have collapsed by now. Is Love Island still around? It exists now though, properly, as a full story, with character arcs and everything.

I figured the best way to start a blog is by doing a Q&A with myself. Maybe the next blog will have a more original idea.

Where did you get the idea for the Faerie King?

I was walking through a forest in Cornwall and I just pictured these two kids, one was a human girl, and the other was a little faerie boy with goats’ horns. They were sat in the middle of a clearing in the woods, the boy did a rolly polly and the girl laughed and they were just so free and happy and playful, so at ease with each other and in the woods—despite the fact that they came from such different worlds.

And I looked at those two little children and I thought imagine if, despite being from such different worlds, they became friends. Imagine if the little boy grew up and turned scary and dark, and the little girl just loved him anyway, and befriended him anyway, and when he tried to pull away, or tried to do whatever strange faerie magic he possessed, she just…didn’t care. She demanded his friendship anyway. And what if they could find solace in each other through whatever horrors his world possessed and through the teenage angst she would go through growing up in a small village.

And then I thought…how much can I make those two little kids suffer? What can I put those two through that would really, finally make her stop seeing him as a friend and start seeing him as an enemy? How much can I make her hate him? What could he do that's so horrible that he goes from her only friend, to her mortal enemy?

Anyway, this is the story of two kids becoming friends, then enemies, then…well…spoilers 🤫

What are you working on now?

I’ve just submitted my latest draft of the Faerie King to my editor (the amazing Carrie Jones) and I’ve just started outlining my next book. It’s an idea that’s been playing in my mind for over a year now, so it’s exciting to get to put pen to paper for it—even if there are a bunch of other ideas all vying for my attention.

The working title for the next book is The Sands within the Void. It starts: “The warlocks were singing in the Tundra”, and it’s about a girl who needs to save her village from the singing warlocks before they drown her entire home in sand.

What’s your publication schedule?

I’m hoping to release The Faerie King in May 2024, I do already have it ready, but everything I’ve ever done, if I’ve done it well, has taken a year. Starting a company took a year (to get it fully profitable and supporting me), writing a book took a year, editing it took (over) a year, getting fed up of digital nomading took a year…even learning new things, like how to invest properly or how to paint takes me around a year.

So even though The Faerie King is theoretically ready, I wanna be able to commit as much time to marketing as I did to writing, so I’ve delayed publishing by a good amount of time, and given myself a little under a year to drum up a proper community of fellow book and faerie friends who maybe, if I’m really lucky, will love Elysia and Dae as much as I do.

From there, I’m planning to rapidly release the following two books, one in summer/autumn 2024, the other in autumn 2024/winter 2025. The first is a standalone (for now) that takes place on a different world but in the same universe as the Faerie King, for right now, I am planning a few crossovers. It occurs in the three months that pass between the end of the Faerie King and the beginning of the second book in the series.

The following book will be the second part of the duology of The Faerie King. I have a title in mind, which I’m not going to include here cause it’s kind of a spoiler (so maybe I should really consider renaming it haha) and it’ll take place from the POV of another one of the characters in the Faerie King (can you guess who?).

How far are you with marketing?

So, I made this website (yay), I started a newsletter (double yay – sign up here if you’d like to join the list) and I’m writing this blog as my first official blog—I’m planning to write a new entry every week or two, but I know a lot of authors say something similar (I mean even the big guys) and end up only having three or four blogs total haha, so I guess we’ll see.

I’ve also started a bookstagram account (follow here) and converted my beloved booktok account (follow here) that has followed me through falling in love and becoming obsessed with Throne of Glass, Cruel Prince, The Shadows Between Us, Dramione (Manacled, anyone?) and of course…ACOTAR (and some slightly darker novels…if you know, you know) into an author account. I feel like all the foundational work is set and ready to start. If there’s anything you think I’m missing, please let me know! 😊

Thank you so much for joining me on this first blog, I’m so excited to start marketing this book and I can’t wait for you guys to get to read it.

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